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Government to offer a rebate to taxpayers. What does this mean?

soulight started this conversation

We should be expecting a little more cash this year , in the form of a government rebate program . What does this mean and where is the money coming from ? Here is a quote from a Simple Living site that has some insite on the matter .

How will you spend the extra money ?

 Also please note the highlighted area at the end of the quote. If you need the money for survival , use it in a way that will help you exsist .


" The United States Government is planning to send out rebate checks in the hope that American citizens will immediately spend the money to stimulate the economy, thus avoiding a recession.

Thanks for the gift Federal Government, but you are missing the point! We do not need to take out a big loan from a foreign lender so that we can go shopping willy-nilly to purchase products we probably do not need that were probably produced in a foreign country. (Whose economy will that stimulate?)

The United States cannot spend its way out of its financial difficulties. We do not need a short-term solution for long-term problems. We need fundamental, far-reaching change to a broken and corrupt system. The following are no longer sustainable:

  • consumption as an economic solution,
  • deficit spending,
  • predatory lending,
  • unaffordable health care,
  • tax cuts for the wealthy, and
  • war over oil and religious ideology.

It is difficult to imagine why anyone would help reinforce the behavior of a broken government or stimulate an out of control economy by purchasing more stuff and junk. It is time for us to do what our government cannot!

Important Note: This campaign does not suggest you should participate if you are living on an inadequate income and have immediate survival needs. Take care of your immediate needs first. However, if you have the ability, please do your part."

Join The NonViolent Protest...
Don't Buy It, Change The Economy, Put Your Rebate To Work!
Below is a list of ways you can participate.
(Go to the site to see this list)

LINK TO THE SIMPLE LIVING SITE (This is their store site) :


 My apologies . The site that lists the quote about the rebate is different from the site listed below .

 Although I think the quote is pertinent , the site below is the one that I recommend for the art of living simply .









Here is a congregation that acts on what they believe .

COOL ! ! !  

Congregation approves unusual uses for Tax Rebate !




***My insert : One way to spend you money is at this Fair Trade site . Here you can buy things made by low-income people from around the world. This includes people from the USA.

The people whose goods are sold on this site are given a fair value for what they make . Let's pay the people who really need the money in this world and make a difference.



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Anyone interesrted in finding out more about why this refund will not help may want to check out .

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